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Zoomin' My Way Outdoors

I am on my fourth Zoom of the day. Seriously. Turned my camera off to write this blog post. Is it rude to not be on screen during a Zoom? I think so, that's why I normally don't do it. I keep going back on screen every few minutes so they know I'm still alive.

I am addicted to multi-tasking (which, apparently doesn't really exist). I am listening to the Zoom in progress while writing this. I left the door open even though it's 32 degrees F right now. I need some real time AIR.

Loving this writing life. More soon..............lisa

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'Dream your dreams about what YOU want to do in Heaven; dare to ask for the impossible and all the gifts YOU have ever wanted from Me. Expect Me to hear YOU and fulfill your every desire' -Jesus •(from 'Lui et Moi' [He and I] by Gabrielle Bossi, trænslatêd)• Follow us to the Wedding Feast for a raw, rowdy, rambunctious reality: ☆ ☆


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