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I am a reader, writer, teacher, and forever student. Swallowing Stones is available at Amazon and Kelsay Books. If you would like a signed copy, please purchase it here. Ponderings is available at Finishing Line Press, or you can purchase a signed copy here. My memoir, The Dead Folder, is currently looking for a publication home.

Everything is connected; the trick is observing the connections.

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"...disarming charm, a range of poetic approaches both formal and free, and a gloriously fierce feminist rage toward freedom... ." --Annie Finch

"St. John knows the power of the poetic line and uses it to make us present to her feelings. In subject, in craft, these poems are a gift." --Myra Shapiro


Wonderful review of Swallowing Stones by Sundress Publications. 

"The stones she swallows are so hot they sizzle, finding form in .deft, meticulous, and precisely chosen words that hit like a chainsaw." -Anne Pyburn Craig

Review from The Bluestone Press

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Ponderings by Lisa St. John is a powerful look into the relationship between mother and daughter. Here is a poet who is not afraid of confrontation, and her courageous poems revisit the past where "There is something to be said for learning in a world of daughters. I am proud of my scars because they came from my mother. Ma, I never meant to love you."

Leah Maines Publisher, Finishing Line 


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Animation by Anna Gilmore. Showcased at

Woodstock Film Festival 2018.


Readings and Events

August 1-5

My favorite event of the whole year is the International Women's Writing Guild's Summer Conference. 




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